Organic Regenerating Firming Body Oil



The top multi-efficacy aristocratic body oil contains 19 precious organic fruit seeds and hundreds of nutrients. The texture is thin and non-sticky. It absorbs quickly. The pores are breathable for 24 hours. The body skin maintains a healthy, youthful, nourished and shiny skin. 


Contains 19 luxury organic plants with 13 multi-functions, one bottle provides you 2000 drops of luxury plant nutrients: 

1. Non greasy oil with quickly absorb into the skin inner layer, skin is soft and smooth 

2. Infused with more than hundreds of nutrients from flowers and fruit seeds into the skin  

3. shrink the pores 

4. Reduce the edema 

5. Firms and tones 

6. Reduce Cellulite

7. Detox 

8. Radiant and healthy 

9. Reduce dryness

10. Soothes itching caused by dryness or eczema 

11. Even skin tone 

12. Reduce dullness 

13. Reduce body acne 


19 luxury organic flowers and fruit seeds: 

1. Jojoba oil: enriched in vitamin D, nourish, tighten, soften fat tissues, prevent wrinkles 

2. Argan oil: enriched in Omega 9, Omega 6, vitamin E and sterols, enhances cell membrane function, promote blood circulation and tighten skin 

3. Rosehip oil: Strengthen and activate tissues, regenerate cells, Reduce cellulite, and smooth skin

4. Avocado oil: enriched with vitamins A, D, E and lecithin to help enhancing cell resistance 

5. Evening primrose oil: Contains Omega fatty acid GLA, promotes fat metabolism, detoxifies and fights against inflammation, reduces body acne 

6. Borage oil: GLA in borage oil is currently extremely high than other natural plants, it nourishes, reduces eczema, moisturizes, shrink pores, reduces dryness

7. Tamanu oil: promote stretch repair, improve acne dark particles, help cell regeneration, anti-oxidation 

8. Seabuckthorn seed extract: contains vitamin A, vitamin E, SOD antioxidants, maintain the normal metabolism of the skin, firms and tones

9. Safflower oil: strengthen metabolism and enhances cell viability 

10. Raspberry leaf extract: enriched in vitamin C, reduces dullness, even skin tone

11. Rose geranium essential oil: astringent, balance, promote circulation, reduce edema 

12. Maracuja seed oil: promote fatty acid metabolism and decomposition 

13. Abyssinian seed oil: also known as King Solomon's oil, originated from the Mediterranean. According to legend, it was the precious oil provided by the Abyssinian Queen of Sheba to King Solomon (the third king of ancient Israel), the king of wisdom. The oil was used by European aristocrats as skin care in the early thousands of years ago. The texture is light and easy to absorb, contains C22 Omega9 which are very few other plants obtained, also with Omega3 & 6, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, strong antioxidant, inhibits cellulite tissue, helps slimming and relieves eczema 

14. Frankincense essential oil: promote relaxation and balance mood, reduces dullness 

15. Lavender essential oil: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory 

16. Chamomile essential oil: soothes allergy and itching 

17. Damascena Rose Otto Essential Oil: Nourishing oil for women, soothing emotions, brightening and glowing skin, and diminishing cellulite 

18. Vitamin E: Antioxidant 

19. Sunflower oil: high skin affinity, moisturizing  


Suitable for: Any skin type. Pregnant women are recommended to choose "Pregnancy Repair Body Oil" as alternative (will be launched in February 2021)


Use direction: 

1. Use as body nourishes oil: Every morning and evening or whenever needed, apply to the whole body until absorbed. It is recommended to use a pump for each part of the body (about half the amount of a long dropper) 。If your skin is dry with peeling and eczema problem, it is highly recommended to mix with BE.ST Body Yogurt for best result.

2. Use as functional body massage: Massage with hands or with massage equipment to reduce edema, light orange peel and firm lines, reduce double chin, detoxification







1. 极速吸收入底层,软化肌肤

2. 注入鲜花果籽过百种营养,滋养嫩滑

3. 幼细毛孔

4. 减轻水肿

5. 紧致线条

6. 减淡橙皮纹

7. 帮助淋巴排毒

8. 光泽透感

9. 减低干燥,蛇皮,脱皮问题

10. 舒缓干燥或湿疹引起的痕痒

11. 均匀肤色

12. 改善暗哑

13. 改善身体暗疮及粒粒



1. 荷荷巴油:含丰富维他命D,滋养、收紧、软化脂肪、预防皱纹

2. 坚果油:蕴含特别丰富的Omega 9、Omega 6,维他命E及固醇,增强细胞膜功能,促进血液循环,紧致肌肤

3. 玫瑰果油:强化及活络组织,细胞再生,改善橙皮纹,使皮肤平滑

4. 鳄梨油:含大量维他命A,D,E及卵磷脂,帮助增强细胞抵抗力

5. 月见草油:含有Omaga类的脂肪酸GLA,促进脂肪代谢,排毒抗炎,改善身体暗疮暗粒

6. 琉璃苣油:琉璃苣油中之GLA是目前植物界中含量极高,滋养,改善湿疹皮炎,保湿,幼细毛孔,减低干燥,蛇皮,脱皮问题

7. 琼崖海棠油:促进疤痕修复,改善暗疮暗粒,帮助细胞再生,抗氧化

8. 沙棘果卒取:含有的维生素A、维生素E、SOD抗氧化剂,维持肌肤正常新陈代谢,从而帮助紧致线条

9. 红花籽油:强化新陈代谢,增强细胞活力

10. 复盆子叶卒取物:含丰富维他命C,改善暗哑,均匀肤色

11. 玫瑰天竺葵精油:收敛,平衡,促进循环,减轻水肿

12. 百香果籽油:促进脂肪酸代谢和分解

13. 海甘蓝籽油:又称所罗门王油,源自地中海, 相传是古代阿比西尼亚 (Abyssina) 示巴女王进贡给犹太人智慧之王所罗门王(古以色列第三任君主)的珍贵护肤油, 早在千年前已被欧洲贵族用来护理肌肤。非常轻盈易吸收,含有其它植物极少拥有的C22 Omega9,Omega3 & 6,维他命A,B1,B2,B6,C,E,极强抗氧化,抑制橙皮组织,帮助瘦身纤体,舒缓湿疹

14. 乳香精油:促进放松及平衡心绪,改善暗沉

15. 薰衣草精油:抗菌消炎

16. 洋甘菊精油:舒缓敏感,痕痒

17. 大马士革奥图玫瑰精油:女士补养油,安抚情绪,亮白光泽肌肤,淡化橙皮纹

18. 维他命E:强效抗氧化

19. 向日葵油:亲肤性高,保湿滋润


适合人士:任何肤质。孕妇建议选用另一产品『Pregnancy Repair Body Oil』(将于2021年2月面世)



1. 当身体滋养护理油:每天早晚或任何时候需要时,全身涂抹至吸收。建议身体每Part用一泵(大约一半的长滴管份量)。如干性肤质伴有脱皮及痕痒,建议配合『有机柔滑身体乳酪』一并使用。

2. 当身体按摩多功能油:用手或配合按摩仪器按摩,达到减水肿,淡橙皮纹及紧致线条,减低双下巴,排毒等效果

Organic Regenerating Firming Body Oil 有机贵族滴上养肌油

SKU: BS036
  • 100% natural, 94.7% Certified organic 

    Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Argania spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*, Rosa canina (Rosehip) Oil*, Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil,Oenothera biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil*, Borago officinalis (Borage) Oil,Calophyllum inophyllum (Tamanu) Oil*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Hippophae rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Berries Extract*, Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil* (and) Rubus idaeus (Raspberry) Leaf Extract*, Pelargonium graveolens(Rose Geranium) Oil, Passiflora incarnata (Maracuja) Seed Oil, Crambe abyssinica (Abyssinian) Seed Oil, Boswellia carterii (Frankincense) Oil*,Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Anthemis nobilis (Chamomile) Flower Oil*,Rosa damascena.miller (Rose) Oil*, Tocopherol (and) Helianthus annuus(Sunflower) Oil

    *-Certified organic

    Made in Australia