100% high-quality and soft man-made fiber, does not stimulate the face, does not contain animal hair, to ensure that the product is more durable and cleaner. Curved head is perfectly match with BE.ST mask, easier to apply to the face recessed position.


Use: Use the BE.ST mask with the mask brush and apply it evenly sweep upwards to the face. For accelerating the blood circulation, use 2pcs of mask brushes with the BE.ST gel mask and apply to the left and right jaws, sweep upwards to the face evenly for about 20 times.


Cleaning: Use [Organic Shower Gel] or natural soap to clean it.



- Not suitable for oily texture products, only for creamy, gelatinous and muddy masks.

- Please wash immediately after use to avoid bacterial growth.

- Remember to place it in a dry area.


Australia design


100% 高质人造纤维软毛,不刺激面部幼嫩肌肤,不含动物毛发, 确保产品更耐用,更干净. 弯型扫头与BE.ST面膜完美配合,更易涂于面部凹陷位置.







- 不适用于油类质地产品,只适用于乳状,啫喱状及泥状面膜.

- 使用完请立即清洗干净,避免细菌滋生.

- 切记要放置在干爽位置.



Luxury Mask Brush 高質彎型面膜掃

SKU: BS029