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Luxury Magic Oil (Eyes & Neck) 10ml + Secret Eye Treatment 10ml



Following BE.ST and Y's Recipes exclusive joint research and creation [Secret Eye Treatment】. Another masterpiece, using a more refined and unique formula to develop for the Eye and Neck, specially for Asian, [Eye Treatment Oil 2.0], named [Luxury Magic Oil].


Contains 12 kinds of organic certified ingredients, perfectly matched with innovative oil-soluble micromolecular hyaluronic acid*, [Luxury Magic Oil] is not only builds a strong natural protective barrier, but also makes the skin of the eyes regain moisturization, elasticity and brightening, it also lightens and smooths the neck lines, repairs the 2 areas of skin that most exposed to age, and achieves:

1) Anti-aging, anti-oxidation

2) Nourish

3) Reduce ocular edema

4) Lighten dark circles, pigments and fine lines, dry lines or wrinkles

5) Reduce grease particles

6) Improve moisture and elasticity

7) Smoothing neck lines


Texture: Compared with "Secret Eye Treatment", "Luxury Magic Oil" is more moisturizing and has higher elasticity. When applied to the skin, it instantly feels hydrated and light and smooth. Suitable for any eye and neck skin, including sensitive skin and eczema.


*Exclusive formula contains an innovative generation of "oil-soluble hyaluronic acid", made in France, made from a series of steps such as fermentation and purification of wheat glucose and lactic acid bacteria, and then infiltrated into natural microemulsion (most of the market uses water-soluble hyaluronic acid) , so that it can be fused with vegetable oil to exert its activity. The "oil-soluble hyaluronic acid" produced by this fermentation is only 50kDA (50,000 Daltons). In the skin penetration test, the oil-soluble hyaluronic acid can quickly penetrate from the epidermal layer to the dermal layer. 120 microns, tightly grasp the moisture, make the skin more:

1. Moisturize and maintain moisture

2. Keep the skin elastic

3. Keep water for NMF molecules and benefit NMF production


In addition, based on the 10 perfect natural botanical ingredients of "Secret Eye Treatment", together with the following 2 botanical ingredients that can help the skin regulate cell function and soothe, the eyes will immediately has a "charge" effect :

1. Borage oil: rich in γ-linolenic acid (GLA) and a variety of vitamins, giving blackcurrant and evening primrose oil GLA twice as high, and GLA can help the skin strengthen the natural barrier and reduce Acne, regulate cell function, improve skin immunity, and at the same time moisturize, smooth, light lines, dark circles under the eyes, also has a significant effect on eczema and sensitivity. This oil absorbs quickly and makes the skin feel very light

2. Chomomile essential oil : calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory, help to dilute the grease particles


❌The product is not contain: Harmful chemical ingredients include synthetic fragrances, synthetic pigments, synthetic or petroleum preservatives, petroleum or petroleum derivatives, genetic modification, animal testing, toxins.


Usage and efficacy:

Eyes: 1. Deluxe Use: effect Double Up!

First apply a layer of Secret Eye Treatment then apply a layer of Luxury Magic Oil. The dosage is about 1 drop each, depending on the skin type.

Efficacy: First use Secret Eye Treatment to wake up the skin cells (Cells Wake Up), and then use Luxury Magic Oil to charge the skin (Charge Up). The principle is the first layer of Secret Eye Treatment nutrients into the cells, so that the cells have enough physical activity. The second layer of Luxury Magic Oil boosts the energy of the cells, improves immunity, strengthens the surface barrier, the cells can continue to charge electricity and continue to maintain energy for longer. This usage can be used as an eye primer and absorption before makeup. Suitable for all skin types. In particular, there are many problems with the eyes, such as dark lines, dark circles, or dryness, and edema. It is recommended to use water-based products before use to make eye treatment oil more quickly absorbed.

2. Exclusive Use: Day and Night, Power Up! Apply 1 drop of Secret Eye Treatment in the morning and 1 drop of Luxury Magic Oil in the evening. Efficacy: This usage can exert its own effect and maintain healthy eye skin. Day time use of Secret Eye Treatment is more translucent, and it has a significant effect in brightening, use as a primer before eye make-up, it can make eye make-up last longer and shiny. Evening use Luxury Magic Oil, lightening fine lines and improving elasticity. it can promote cell renewal and metabolism during sleep time, increase elasticity, enhance natural protective barrier, improve dry wrinkles, and metabolize pigmentation. With cooling stick massage (avoid eye skin), it can reduce eye edema, eye bags and dark circles to prevent sagging.


Suitable for all skin types, more suitable for oily, acne and dark skin, young skin or extremely sensitive skin.


Neck: Following to “Deluxe Use”, first apply a layer of Secret Eye Treatment then apply a layer of Luxury Magic Oil, massage in circular motions along the neck until the eye oil is absorbed.



Luxury Magic Oil (Eyes & Neck) + Secret Eye Treatment

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