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Invisible Adhesive Crystal Sheet Mask

Invisible Adhesive Crystal Sheet Mask


1 set (4 pcs x 40gsm) 


Breaking the traditional thick, easily dried, non-breathable, weakly absorbent, and adhesive mask film, a revolutionary innovation from Korea paved the way for a new generation of eco-friendly green fiber mask sheets. Invisible Adhesive Crystal Sheet Mask employs 100% plant-based high-quality closely-woven fibers using Korea’s patented modified fiber technology. When soaked in essence, the mask sheet exhibits a cryogenic elastic texture. It appears more translucent, adheres better, absorbs quickly, and locks in over 10 times more essence compared to general dry films. The mask fabric is 100% plant-based and biodegradable.


The aim of BE.ST’s introduction of the dry mask is to transform mask sheets into an essential aid for better skin health. Through the robust absorption power of high-quality fibres, the masks can retain more essence than the various DIY masks. Furthermore, the mask’s rapid transmission capability allows the skin epidermis to absorb multiple essences effectively at once, enhancing the results of DIY masks. Compared to a single-use mask, BE.ST masks prevent premature evaporation of the essence, thus enabling better absorption.

100% plant-based Lyocell fibre

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