The greatest advantages of BE.ST Brazil Rose Quartz Facial Roller:

1. The material of BE.ST rose Quartz Facial Roller is from Brazil. The pinky color comes from itself without any bleaching and dyeing, it is relatively rare and precious. Strictly speaking, Brazilian rose pink quartz is consider to be the real one.

2. There are both big & small wheels. The big one is for large areas such as the face and neck, and the small wheel is for small areas such as eyes or fine lines

3. Use upgraded silicone sleeve, roll with smooth and silence 

4. The metal range adopts the rose gold, the color of lady's most favorite


The natural structure and minerals of the quartz can provide the skin with an excessive balance of elemental substances,  also achieve the results of:

1. reduce inflammation

2. Detoxification, balance the circulation of blood

3. Skin care products are more absorbed

4. Smooth fine lines

5. Brighten skin tone

6. tightening and lifting

7. reduce facial puffiness

8. Dredge the lymph

9. Bring balance and harmony to the energy layer and provide natural atmosphere

10. Absorb negative energy from the body


The main development of pink quartz is heart chakra, it also:

1. Strengthen the health of cardiopulmonary function

2. Release tension

3. Relieve frustration

4. Also called as "stone of love", charming and delightful, helps to improve the social skills


Instructions: After cleansing, Spray Rose Hydrosol, leaving skin half wet, then apply about 5 drops of any Essential oils/luxury face oils, then using the rose quartz to massage from bottom to top for about 5-15 minutes: 

Big wheel: mostly used on forehead, face beads and cheeks 

Small wheel: mostly used for eyes, between eyebrows and bitter lines



1. There is no bleaching and dyeing, the quartz will present different colors itself, some might have pink or white, some might have natural stripes inside the quartz. If it is the natural color difference rather than a quality problem, it cannot be returned. 

2. If massage with oil products, don't let the oil enter the metal gap due to the oil has the function of lubricating the metal that might cause the quartz falling off.  After using the oil, simply wipe with a damp cotton pad immediately. 

3. Avoid cleaning directly at the faucet or using chemical detergent. Avoid sunlight to avoid the quartz energy lost due to irradiation and the color change.



1. 采用的天然玫瑰粉晶来自巴西。不经任何漂染,每支粉晶棒的颜色和色泽均来自自身的水晶石,各有不同,有些含有云石般的条纹,有些则呈献粉嫩或白色云石色。形成难度较大,也相对稀少、珍贵。颜色属于「色心致色」,从血统上说,巴西粉水晶才是真正的粉水晶。

2. 有大轮和小轮。大轮针对面部及颈部等大范围,小轮针对眼部或苦纹等局部范围。

3. 采用升级版硅胶套,滚到流畅,静音无声

4. 金属范围采用女士最喜爱的玫瑰金



1. 治疗炎症

2. 排毒,循环气血

3. 令护肤品更吸收

4. 平滑细纹

5. 光泽肌肤

6. 紧致提升

7. 改善面部浮肿

8. 疏通淋巴

9. 为能量层带来平衡和谐,提供天然地气

10. 吸取身体负能量



1. 加强心肺功能的健康

2. 松弛紧张情绪

3. 舒缓烦躁心情

4. 同时被称为爱情之石,散发迷人的魅力,增进人缘



洁面后,先喷 玫瑰纯露,吸收6成后,涂上be.st任何一款精华油/肌底油大约5滴,然后全面由下向上按摩约5-15分钟:





1. 因无经过漂染,粉晶颜色各不相同,有带粉色,也有带白色,粉晶里面有天然条纹。如因颜色的天然色泽不同而不是因质量问题,恕不能退换。

2. 如配搭精华油按摩,切记不能令油进入金属空隙位,因油有润滑金属作用,以防脱落。用油后需马上用润湿的化妆棉抹干。

3. 避免直接在水龙头清洗,或用化学洗洁精清洗。避免阳光照射,因照射会失去水晶应有的能量,颜色会转变

Brazil Rose Quartz Facial Roller 巴西天然粉晶玫瑰按摩棒