Organic Spray Deodorant (Multifunction anti-inflammation)

有机香体喷雾 「多功能抗菌」



The "Multifunction anti-inflammation" organic deodorant spray contains high content of organic ethanol, which is made from corn or sugar cane fermented, which is similar to wine fermented and can be used for drinking. Sterilizing ability is the same as chemical Alcohol. It can effectively achieve 99.99% sterilization and anti-inflammatory, and can be targeted antibacterial effect on the body, face and hands!


It has a very significant effect on the underarm odor problem. It can effectively sterilize, diminish inflammation, reduce body odor. It will keep you fresh for 24 hours!


Organic Spray Deodorant can also be used:

1. "Hand protection sterilization solution", after spraying on the palm and evenly spreading, can effectively eliminate bacteria by more than 99.99%.

2. Spray on a pillowcase, which can reduce and prevent dust mites.

3. If there is an abscess or redness on the face, you can spray it on your hand and apply "deodorant lotion" with your fingers and point it on the abscess. This step is completed in the last step of the skincare routine.


To use: Spray directly under dry armpits 3-5 times. If you want to re-spray, it is recommended to dry your underarms before re-spraying.



1. Although organic ethanol is extracted by natural fermentation, it is also an alcohol. Be sure to avoid flames. For example, avoid smoking .

2. If the underarm is infected or had epilation, and there is a wound, it is recommended to spray it on your hand and then apply it to the underarm. If there is a itchy and pain, it is normal and should disappear after 10-20 seconds. If it does not disappear within 5 minutes, wash with water.

3. Although it can be used for anti-bacterial after spraying it on your hand, it is not recommended to take food by hand because of the concentrated plant essential oil.

4. Avoid spraying directly on the face. Because of its strong anti-bacterial function, direct spraying may stimulate the skin on your face.


Suitable for anyone, including children over 5 years old.


「多功能抗菌」有机香体喷雾蕴含高含量有机乙醇,而有机乙醇是通过Corn玉米,或Sugar Cane甘蔗发酵(Fermented) 而成, 即类似葡萄酒发酵出来的酒类一样,可以作饮用。杀菌能力与chemical Alcohol相同。能有效达到99.99%杀菌消炎,提高防御系统,可对身体,面部及手部等作针对性抗菌功效!






2. 也可用作喷于枕头套上,可减少及防止尘螨。

3. 如面部有脓疮或红肿疮,可喷于手心后,再用手指沾上「香体露」后点在脓疮位置,能做到非常有效的杀菌消炎效果。此步骤于护肤程序最后一步完成。










Organic Spray Deodorant 有机香体喷雾

SKU: BS030
  • Free from Parabens, Aluminum, Triclosan, Talc, Propylene Glycol, Steareths, and TEA/DEA.

    Matricaria chamomila (Chamomile) Extract* (and) Ethanol* Aloe barbadebsis (Aloe Vera) Gel* (and) Aqua, Decyl glucoside, Backhousia citriodora (Lemon Myrtie) Oil*, Lavandula angustifolia x latifolia (Lavandin) Oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil*, Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood) Oil*, Sodium Citrate, Tri potassium citrate monohydrate, Citric Acid.

    *-Certified Organic

    100% Natural, 93.9% Certified Organic

    Made in Australia

    含天然乙醇(天然杀菌剂),无任何合成或石油防腐剂,无铝(重金属),无滑石,无丙二醇Propylene glycol,无异丙醇isopropanol(chemical alcohol),无二乙醇胺或三乙醇胺(DEA/TEA)等有害化学合成成份


    100%全天然, 93.9%有机认证成份


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