We are proud to be Australian Made And Owned!

June 18, 2017

We are successfully to achieve the Australia Made And Owned Logo!

2017 ViVi Beauty Award Winner!

June 18, 2017

Congratulate to our Crowned BE.ST Seller 【Organic Neroli Rejuvenaing Essence Mask】has won 2017 No1. ViVi Beauty Award!! Thanks to ViVi for the honored Trophy!

2017 BE.ST products to compete ViVi Beauty Award!

April 30, 2017

Final 3 BE.ST Seller organic products went into ViVi Beauty Award Finale!

👑Detox mask

👑Ylang Ylang Oat Balance Cleansing Jelly

👑Neroli Rejuvenating Essence Mask 

「Quality Organic Retailer優質有機零售商」獎項

May 31, 2016

恭喜Beauty Sensation被授予【優質有機零售商】獎項。此獎項由香港唯一受認可的有機認證機構「香港有機資源中心」舉辦。特此鳴謝各界支持及鼓勵!

SUNDAYMORE Beauty Magazine​

May 31, 2016

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HK Beauty Magazine

March 31, 2016

【專訪特稿 Media Report】

Thanks to HK Beauty Magazine, we had a wonderful interview journey & received a greatful opportunity to share a story of, our Founder Anna's BE.ST Organic Brand Vision & future commiment to the environment. This precious moment encourages our team to bring more valuable & meaningful accomplishments towards organic life, and raise moreeco-enviornmental contribution to our planet. 

非常感謝Ulifestyle最近提出相當有意義的觀點「天然與有機之區別」,令大家對‘天然植物產品’有更深的認識,了解和區分。Beauty Sensation有幸能成為被提及的「高品質有機品牌」當中的其中一分子,全靠每一位為BE.ST付出的工作人員及每一位信任客人的支持。


Uguides.HK 觀塘攻略

July 31, 2015


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